How to know what we charge

We have been called out to assess a shower repair in Pymble NSW. The client asked us if there was a call out fee and if we can do a leak detection?

No, we do not charge call out fees for quotation and assessment of damage to your shower. However, a leak detection is always part of our assessment to determine where the water eventually has done damage to your wet areas. It is substantial to undertake a pressure test on the tapware to exclude damage to plumbing inside the walls.

We will advise, and after close inspection on site , recommend a definite suitable way to repair and improve the condition of your bathroom or shower. In our experience, the quick fix application of any sealing compound applied, no matter if it is polyurethane, will not improve and condition or stop the leak if its just used as a surface coating over tiles. A tile as such does not allow water to impregnate it. Mostly, it’s the joint’s and eventual structural movement under tile, which creates a small entry point for moisture.

The hydraulic effect of water will further damage the structure beneath the surface over time resulting in total failure of waterproofing and structural damage to stud work and room adjacent wall. If carpet is installed on the other side of your bathroom it can be costly to repair damage even the shower is only leaking for just a few months.

Our verdict: the longer you wait.. the worse it gets! And will be a more costly undertaking in the long run.

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