Ceramic and natural stone replacement on shower / bathroom flooring repair

At advanceshowerrepair.com.au we will not only repair ceramic or porcelain tiled flooring in your shower or bathroom. Our technician is able to repair natural stone chips, scratched travertine, sandstone and shell stone.

Scuff marks from loose or broken shower screen hinges which have to hold up to 50 kg will be polished out and resealed. In the worst cases we replace the stone slab and match your stone tile in color and texture, so no difference is noticeable after the shower repair is carried out.

Replacing a shower screenIn contrast to our direct competitors here on the NSW Mid North Coast, we only use European manufactured ceramics and stoneware from Italy, Spain or Australian quarries. We do not use Hardware Store Warehouse cheap range tiles or adhesives for our work, as the warranty conditions and qualities are quite often poor. For the specific application of shower flooring as a continuous submerged area, tiles from those providers are mostly unsuitable and need extra preparation.

Note that all natural stone used in showers needs to be pre- or pressure hot sealed before installation. A choice of adhesives must be considered foremost to achieve lasting results for each different substrate and tile or stone.

We also exchange your broken hinges and brackets with genuine chrome plated heavy duty ones with Allen key grub screws – never to come loose again. Of course all glass panels will get removed, cleaned of all silicone and reinstalled with new hardware as good as new, making your shower look like the day you first walked in after completion.

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