Shower screen installations

how to install a shower screen…

glass panels can be tricky, especially with frameless shower screens due to size and weight problems.

To install a screen, caution must be taken in any way when handled laminated glass as when chipped the lamination will take on water resulting in a blind panel. Same applies to the choice of sealant applied between any wall and floor junctions.

Shower repairs and bathroom renovations on the NSW Mid North CoastSpecial care must be taken when installing the hinges, the correct torque adjustments and the correct seat of the silicone pads .

If the hinges are incorrect installed, are misaligned or otherwise not tight enough, they will fail prematurely.

Replacement is not cheap depending on your set of screen and manufacturer. Later cases show the increasing installation of screens from the Renovationboys who are now in liquidation , with the merchandise coming from cheap manufacturing overseas. We have been called out numerous times to fix premanufactured screens to bathrooms where the tiling was unsuitable due to incorrect levels on walls and floors resulting in pooling water on floor tiles and large gaps between panels and wall tiles.


  1. install custom made screens
  2. install premanufactured screens (frameless and semiframeless)
  3. exchange hinges or readjust and refurbish your existing ones
  4. remove and replace blind panels on older sliding door style screens
  5. remove / reseal all shower screens within reasons due to age and malfunctioning hardware

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