Shower membrane repair on the NSW Mid North Coast

..the question that matters most…

How does one know if that stain on the ceiling, a wet carpet or a swollen up door frame is a sign of a leaky shower membrane. Its an exclusion principle. We firstly execute a pressure test to be sure your plumbing and all soldering is ok leading to the spout and tapware.

Secondly looking for signs of ceiling stains in the rooms below the shower, or mouldy smells and make sure the waste pipes doing their job without being clogged up by soap scum and loose hair.

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Shower screen installations

how to install a shower screen…

glass panels can be tricky, especially with frameless shower screens due to size and weight problems.

To install a screen, caution must be taken in any way when handled laminated glass as when chipped the lamination will take on water resulting in a blind panel. Same applies to the choice of sealant applied between any wall and floor junctions.

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